The three tubs of Clear Creek. The light blue tub is fed directly from the springs source and the other two are fed from this one.

Topless in Nature


After my boyfriend (now Husband) and I spent a night at the Harrison Lake Resort, we woke up early, drank some mediocre hotel lobby coffee, and started on what would be a life changing journey. By journey, I don’t mean the 70km drive on a forestry road skirting the beautiful Harrison Lake, but a journey into naturism and adopting a clothing optional lifestyle.

The drive to Clear Creek has increased in difficulty since we first ventured there in 2017 and without being an experienced off roader with an appropriate vehicle, I strongly recommend against trying it.

Rae in the top tub at Clear Creek Hot Springs
Credit Uncertain Rae in the top tub at Clear Creek Hot Springs

As we left the paved road for the Harrison East FSR, any attempt at sleeping in the car was gone. Both the adventure and potholes kept me awake. Blaring my road trip playlist through the Jeep speakers and the occasional road beer kept me motivated winding through the roads. As we turned on to Clear Creek FSR, the road went from bad to worse. The 8km drive up saw many switch backs, washouts, and creek crossings. We were also almost taken out by a logging truck barreling down the road with no regard for recreational soakers.

When we arrived at the marker Google Maps said was the Hot Springs, we quickly realized, Google Maps was wrong. Just when I thought we could trust everything on the internet. Two hour drive, middle of nowhere, no cell reception, and our towels still dry, we decided to keep on driving up the ever deteriorating road. Within another kilometer we had reached our destination, our persistence paid off.

As we walked across the wooden pathway to the tubs we saw a little shelter to change, and three old hot tubs being fed from the hot springs source. And here we were, alone, in the woods, and no need for bathing suits. Or so I thought. Not even putting my bikini top on, I changed into bathing suit bottoms, and went into the first tub. Jay, already naked, and already soaking in the cleanest looking tub asking why I still had my bathing suit bottoms on.

“Why did I have my part of my bathing suit still on?” I asked myself. We are hours from civilization. But what if someone came and saw me? As I floated topless, I started to wonder – “so what?” It’s not like people haven’t seen a naked girl before. But they haven’t seen this naked girl! I’ve never been opposed to being nude. Wasn’t prude. And never had a problem with other people being naked. But I have a problem with being seen naked myself. For as long as I can remember I’ve been anxious. Anxiety kind of anxious, and sitting topless for the world to see was not helping the situation.

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Original publication 9 February, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 19th February 2021

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