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Top Nine Misconceptions about Nudists


Misconceptions about nudism and nudists are ubiquitous these days, which makes it more difficult for nudists to express themselves, to let their friends and family know who they are. They provide the naysayers of the world a strawman target, and the ammunition to ridicule a minority they know nothing about. In debunking these misconceptions, I hope to shed some light upon the lifestyle, so that at least, if we are to be judged, we will be judged for what we are and not what we are not!

So without further ado, here are my top NINE misconceptions about nudists!

1. Nudists want to be naked 24/7

This is probably the most common belief among people who know nothing about nudism. I’ve seen this idea expressed on TV shows and in comedy skits poking fun at the way we live. But this is far from the truth. This assumption arises, I think, because people often take a dichotomous, black and white approach to those who lead a different lifestyle. Textiles (that you non-nudists) just assume nudism is opposite to the way everyone else thinks; so if the general public is forced to wear pants when it’s a hundred degrees out (I can’t tell you how often I suffer in the Florida heat in summer) surely, nudists must freeze their butts off when it’s snowing! Reality is, nudists like to feel good. That’s the whole point! If it’s cold, we dress up! If it’s sweltering hot, off go the clothes!

Riding naked through the woods on a beautiful day. Why not?
Credit Uncertain Riding naked through the woods on a beautiful day. Why not?

2. Nudists want to be naked everywhere.

Nudists want to be naked where it is practical and comfortable. You’ll never see us shoveling snow or beekeeping or weeding thorns in our birthday suits! But we do prefer getting naked at the beach, the pool, outdoors on a nice hiking trail, or just sitting our bare butts on the couch with a good book. While there are those of us who prefer being nude while grocery shopping, banking, or going out to eat, most nudists I know dress up for such occasions. I’ve been to resorts around the world, and at some of them, like in Valalta Naturist Camp in Croatia, clothing is required in the dining room.

3. Nudists are bothered by clothed people.

Again, this is a symptom of dichotomous thinking. Since textiles hate seeing naked people, they assume we must hate seeing clothed people. In truth, nudists don’t care if you’re clothed, but we do mind it when we are made to feel like social lepers, when we are the only ones not wearing a suit at the designated nude beach. This is just basic, human nature, a desire to fit in with like minded people.

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Source: Being and Nakedness

Original publication 25 January, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 5th May 2021

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