Tips for nudism to practice during the autumn/winter

Tips for nudism to practice during the autumn/winter

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Summer is about to be over for the Northern Hemisphere. This means the cooler weather is coming, and for those of us in the northern part of the world, more clothes to wear again. So, it means that nudism is not going to be suitable for the Northern Hemisphere to do much outside until at least some six more months. But nudism is not just for the warm weather or the summertime. Nudism, in fact, is for all year long.

For anyone living in a tropical climate, nudism is good for the whole year with swimming nude all year long. But nudism is so good that it’s definitely more common to want to practice it all year long no matter the place a nudist lives in. And here are tips for how to practice nudism for the cool to cold weather.

A nude spa is a great idea. Why swim clothed anyway? A nude spa can be in a nudist club or resort, or at home, and it can be heated to enjoy the spa nude for the winter.

In the wintertime hot tubbing sounds fun too. After all, the water in the hot tub can be heated, hence the name “hot tub”. It is relaxing. And hot tubbing needs to only be done naked.

A sauna bath sounds good to do for the cold. It’s due to the fact that saunas are heated. Sauna baths are better done naked.

There are places in the Northern Hemisphere with a lot of snow in the winter. Sometimes it gets so cold with windchills. However, when windchills are not around it’s okay to go outside in a snowy place in the winter, nude, with winter activities done like build a snowman, snowball fights and swimming in a natural body of water that is not frozen.

It’s great to practice nudism at home no matter the weather, inside. In the home nudism may be practiced with no problems in the cold with the heat turned up, and people who live in the home (a family, a couple, one person only in some cases) can then with no problems practice nudism.

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Original publication 20 September, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 8th October 2020

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