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Thought of the Month: Self-Isolation? Why not try Naturism?

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Thought of the Month: Self-Isolation? Why not try Naturism?

During these difficult times of COVID-19 where everyone is isolating and social-distancing, the high levels of anxiety is causing people to compensate with unhealthy food choices.

There is only so much families can do at home but be couch potatoes and watch television or be on their phones and tablets. Everyone is looking to find ways to socialize on social media. Games, funny memes and video chat groups

Hey Mom, We-re here!
Barabé Art

I have a few social media accounts either for my art or naturism and I have been asked by close friends or family, what is it about my need to be naked? I simply answer; “I enjoy the freedom of not having the restrictions of clothing”. It’s a hard sell.

I’ve tried to lighten the mood by posting positive messages and my naturist side is slowly creeping in on Facebook or Instagram by keeping to their strict guidelines. John and I are doing what we can to stay in contact with our friends and family hoping we can bring a smile to their faces.

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Original publication 1 April, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 5th April 2020

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