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This is why it’s not illegal to ramble naked in Doncaster after cyclist’s encounter with nude walker
Going for a naked ramble in Doncaster is totally legal it has been revealed, after a shocked cyclist spotted a nude man walking near the M18.

Cyclist Bob Allan spotted the starkers male walker while out on his bike between Rossington and Bessacarr.

But a spokesman for British Naturism has said that nude hiking is perfectly legal and not in breach of any laws.

She said: “Naked hiking in the UK is totally lawful.

It is perfectly legal to go for a naked ramble in Doncaster.
It is perfectly legal to go for a naked ramble in Doncaster.

“There are millions of naturists in the UK and abroad who enjoy a naked walk on a warm day. They harm no one – no not even children – and are not breaking any laws.”

Recounting the incident, Bob said: “I came round a corner and nearly ran into this guy who was starkers, in just his shoes, walking along, rucksack on his back and shorts in his hand.”

Bob, a keen member of Doncaster Rovers’ Fit Rovers project said: “I scared the c*** out of him.

“He covered his modesty with his shorts.

‘A bit cold for that isn’t it?, was all I could muster and got out of there as quick as I could. Only in Doncaster!”

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Source: The Star

Original publication 22 August, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 6th September 2019

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