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This is the Weirdest Press Release We’ve Gotten All Week

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This is the Weirdest Press Release We’ve Gotten All Week
Hint: it involves nudists.

As you can imagine, as the editors of a publication that reports on the best of our fair city, we get a lot of hot news tips in our inbox. Publicists will reach out to let us know about cool restaurant openings, entrepreneurs will share info about their startups and big brands will send over their fall lookbooks, all in hopes of coverage for print or here online. Most of the time, these emails help us do our job, inspiring stories and assignments and keeping us in the loop about what’s going on in the city. (Keep it up, you sweet things.)

But other times, we’ll take a nice big sip of hot coffee, open a press release and do a spit-take—this morning, for example, when we received a note from a mysterious American PR company. The subject line? “Why Nudists’ Favorite Kitchen Aid is the Slow Cooker.”

At first, we thought we might be reading a release from the beloved appliance brand KitchenAid, but upon further reading, this was very much not the case. Rather, it was a dispatch from the publicist of the American Association for Nude Recreation, sent from Kissimmee, Florida (presumably where national headquaters is located? Scared to Google it in case IT takes our computers away). Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Vancouver Magazine

Original publication 29 November 2017

8th December 2017

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