Guatemala, in Alta Verapaz, Rainbow world meeting, November 2012
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This is the life of the Rainbow Family
As some of its members say, they are “the largest non-organization of non-members of the world”.

The encounters of the Rainbow movement are utopian-anarchist new age celebrations ; events in which the main protagonists are freedom, love and harmony and in which anyone wishing to participate is welcome. No matter who you are or where you come from, there you can enjoy freedom without giving explanations. This event arises as an attempt to create a world without traps, authorities or organizations in which we can be ourselves.

This movement has never existed as a formal institution. Among them they are called “brothers and sisters” and are considered the ” Rainbow Family “.

Guatemala, in Alta Verapaz, Rainbow world meeting, November 2012

The Rainbow movement was born in the USA in the early 1970s, a time when an important collective consciousness began to develop. Tensions arose throughout the world arising from social problems such as sexuality, women’s rights, traditional forms of authority, experimentation with psychoactive drugs and the different and very diverse interpretations of the American dream. Little by little a different and decentralized social fabric was created, elaborated with the thread of the hippie culture, the revaluation of rural life, the spiritual teachings of the American Indians, the oriental mysticism and the street wisdom of the vagabonds.

In 1972, more than twenty thousand people gathered in Colorado to pray for world peace. The intention was to celebrate a unique and unrepeatable event throughout the world, a four-day meeting in some remote and wild place to pray and meditate on how to change the world.

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Original publication 05/11/2019

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