This is our future.
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This is our future.


The year 2020 is nearing an end. Our annus horribilis concludes. There is a light at the end of the tunnel but we can’t be absolutely certain it is an opening. It might be an oncoming train but probably not. But sometime in 2021, the long dark teatime of our souls will be over. Or at least this iteration of it. It won’t be the last.

I want to talk about the technology that will revolutionize society. In the next few decades, we will be stepping into a science fiction world made real. Those technologies are:

  • Biological/genetic engineering
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Quantum computing
  • Space technology
  • Controlled fusion

It took longer than expected but these passengers are already in the terminal or waiting on the plane to disembark. Good luck stuffing genies back into bottles and toothpaste back into tubes. Luddites always lose because there is too much political and economic advantage in moving ahead.

The future is going to be fast and furious. Cultural norms will be shattered and then shattered again. Ethics, politics, and the nature of what life is all about will be hammer-forged into something new. They will the key to a brilliant future or a nightmare. We may have Star Trek – but probably without transporters and warp drive. Closer to 2001, a Space Oddysey. Don’t expect flying cars but it isn’t impossible.

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Posted on NatCorn 1st January 2021

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