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Some perspective on our current epidemic….

The 1918 flu epidemic killed over 650,000 Americans and something like 20-50 million worldwide. There has been a fourfold increase in population since then.  That scales up to 2.5 million Americans dead and 80-200 million dead globally if the same thing happened today.


The Asian flu of 1956-8 killed almost 70,000 Americans.  (I was born in 1956.) That’s almost exactly the most recent projection for COVID-19 in the US today… except we had half the population then. It subsided in our collective consciousness so quickly I didn’t even know about it growing up.

There were tragedies and traumas but the world did not end. Economies recovered quickly. A few months later, life was back to normal. The individuals and families who lost, lost terribly but to society as a whole, it was just a nasty road bump. The ability to recover from such trauma is built into our DNA. Our ancestors, going back as far as you care to trace them, had to deal with epidemics,  famines, droughts, wars, violent natural disasters and wandering mega-predators without the benefits of modern medicine or government. If they couldn’t, they didn’t survive.

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Original publication 14 April, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 4th May 2020

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