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They hold and take a man to the psychiatrist for going naked through the streets of Valencia

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The National Police have held in Valencia for two hours a man who was naked on the street, who has finally been transferred to a psychiatrist.

  • The police detained him for two hours and took him to the psychiatrist, but did not fine him.
  • The man had been going out on the street for three days naked
  • It has opened a debate on whether nudism on public roads should be legal or not

A Valencian man has been detained by the Police and taken to the psychiatrist for going naked in the middle of the street, an act that was not the first time he had repeated it. The 27-year-old man regularly does nudity. After searching the internet to see if it was legal to do so on public roads, he found that there is a legal vacuum. For this reason and according to ‘La Vanguardia’, he decided to make his trips, especially by bike, completely naked. The police stopped him several times but when he saw that it was legal, they let him go.

It was on his third outing, when he was going from Aldaia to Valencia, when the National Police stopped him, and asked him where he was going like this, to which he replied: “I’m going home, I’m not doing anything wrong, this is legal.” After registering him, he was reprimanded by the agents: “This is not right, it is a public scandal . ” But the man was able to continue on his way.

Shortly after, already in Valencia, he came across the same patrol again. Unlike at the previous stop, this time she was able to record the conversation on her mobile. The officers got out of the car, stopped him and forced him to put on a backpack covering his genitals. Shortly after, the man asked to stop doing it because “it was too heavy.” Then, the agents ordered him to enter the car, the man asked if he was detained and they answered “no”, but urged him to carry out his orders.

Valencia City Centre
Valencia City Centre

The young man says that from that moment he was kept inside the car for two hours. He asked to have both doors opened because of the heat, but they only did so with one. Then he asked the officers for a glass of water, which they provided.

After this, the police asked him if “he was fine,” and if “he had gone to the psychiatrist.” In addition, they informed her that they were going to call a doctor to check her mental state. Agents made some calls and an ambulance arrived.

The psychiatrist who was in the medical vehicle asked him questions similar to those of the Police, before which the accused defended himself: “I am a nudist , I do not harm anyone and from what I see, it is legal.”

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Source: Noticias

Original publication 10 July, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 29th July 2020

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