Every year, Toronto's Now magazine proves that all bodies are good bodies with its Love Your Body issue.

These 8 People Posed Nude To Show That Body Positivity Is For Everyone

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Warning: nudity ahead in this very wholesome and affirming ode to loving the skin we’re in.

Every year, Toronto’s Now magazine proves that all bodies are good bodies with its Love Your Body issue.

In it, a diverse group of people pose nude and talk about their relationships with their bodies, all in the spirit of body positivity.

For the 2020 issue, eight people bared all — emotionally and physically — in the name of self-love.

The cover model is Leisse Wilcox, a podcaster and life coach who is in remission from breast cancer and decided not to have breast reconstruction surgery.

“I was really hungry for beautiful images of women who had also had mastectomies. Nikki McKean did a campaign with Knix, and I was like, oh my god, here’s this beautiful woman — I’m gonna look like that! It was such a redefinition of beauty, and I wanted to pay that forward. Now any chance I have to share that awareness of what bodies look like and what people of value look like — which, spoiler alert, is everyone — I jump at the chance.”

Leisse Wilcox
Samuel Engelking Leisse Wilcox

Mackenzie Kundakcioglu is a nonbinary, transmasculine barber who loves to fuck with gender but struggles with body image.

Mackenzie Kundakcioglu
Samuel Engelking Mackenzie Kundakcioglu

“Coming out as trans involved a shedding of the expected femininity. When I stopped shaving my legs, there were two days of anxiety, and on the third, I realized nobody cares. That was very freeing. I also had an idea of how I would look post-transition that did not pan out. I’m still heavy-set. The interaction between beer and testosterone meant the beer gut came 30 years earlier than it does for most cis men. I went through a rise, a very deep valley and then plateaued. I’m still getting used to the balance.”

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Source: Buzzfeed News

Original publication 13 January, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 8th February 2020

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