There are fewer and fewer nudists and that is why we sexualize any body we see

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It is clear that the impact of hippies on popular culture half a century ago has virtually disappeared but we have to understand the impact this has on our way of looking

There are many reasons, but the reality is that we increasingly like to undress and see naked people . One of the factors is social networks, which prohibit all content related to the natural body. Another, that it is very difficult to be in a place without cameras and not everyone is willing to record it in balls without their consent. Another one may be the return of conservative ideas that seemed surpassed.

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There are many causes, but the statistics speak clearly: the vast majority of nudists in Spain are older and have been practicing it for more than 20 years, while in the last two years very few people have started in practice, according to an organization survey Jan-naturism . In addition, only 11% of the nudist respondents were women, which shows an added problem, that women feel uncomfortable in a public space where it is increasingly flagrant that the female body is not respected.

“Nudism, as many studies have shown, is a social construction,” explains Guy Trebay in an article in the New York Times where he analyzes why in recent years it has become so difficult to see naked people in public spaces. The impact of hippies on popular culture half a century ago (Woodstock just turned 50 this summer) has practically disappeared, but we also have to be clear about the impact this has on our way of looking.

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Source: ANAPA

Original publication SEPTEMBER 3, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 19th September 2019

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