The weird principle of the separate nude beach

The weird principle of the separate nude beach

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We have been to some absolutely splendid nude beaches during our travels. An all-time favorite of ours is the free beach of Zipolite. “Free” in the sense that you’re allowed to wear whatever you wish. Bathing suit, batman suit or birthday suit, nobody cares at all. Another one that’s definitely in our Top 3 of amazing nude beaches can be found in Tayrona National Park in Colombia. The hike to the nude beach takes no less than half a day, through lush jungle, having you end up at a piece of unspoiled Caribbean paradise of which we thought that it only existed in movies.

Then there are the many hidden coves in Croatia and Greece. The wild Atlantic beaches near Lisbon. And the endless nude beach on the other side of the ocean, in Massarandupio, Brazil. Naturists whose legs are not as vivid anymore as they used to be, tend to complain about the difficulty to get to nude beaches. We mostly think that it’s the main reason why they are so amazing. Because there are no parking spots right behind the corner, the beaches remain much more agreeable.

The weird principle of the separate nude beach
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The naturist section of Toulon’s nude beach

When we recently had to stop for the night in Toulon, a small city on the French Rivièra, we were looking for an afternoon activity. As always, we first try to find out whether there’s anything to do in town which doesn’t require us to wear clothes. Especially in this mid-summer heat. As soon as we found out that one of the city beaches had a naturist section, we knew that we had a plan.

Finding a parking spot at the main promenade appeared to be a piece of cake (thanks to COVID) and a short walk later, we found ourselves at Plage de la Mittre. From a hilltop, we got first sight of the beach. Imagine this: A long sandy stretch of urban beach, leading straight into the emerald-colored Mediterranean Sea. A beach bar, a Frisbee game going on. Families, groups of friends, and lots of teenagers and twenty-somethings enjoying a warm Tuesday afternoon under the warm sun of southern France.Don’t be fooled, this wasn’t the nude beach. A small, maybe 15-meters long section, covered with hard, sharp rocks and dry seaweed, lacking the slightest bit of shade, was where the naturists could be found.

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Original publication 10 August, 2020

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