The virtues of nudism and the 5 best beaches to practice it in Spain

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The number of people who practice nudism in our country has not stopped growing in recent years, although it is still far from the usual figures in other European countries. Is it a simple fashion or is it a way of understanding life? What benefits does your practice have? What are the best nude beaches? Questions with answer.

The latest figures indicate that Spain is about to reach the figure of one million habitual practitioners of nudism in Spain. The increase experienced in the last decade has its logic: our country has about 8,000 kilometers of coastline in which are some of the best beaches in the world where you can carry out this way of living and feeling that is nudism .

We are still far from the figures recorded by other countries in our environment but our offer of beaches, campsites and other facilities makes nudist tourism increase every year and that encourages the development of this custom among our citizens.

Those who practice nudism on a regular basis insist, first of all, on the feeling of freedom and fullness that goes without clothes in everyday situations. In the case of nude beaches , direct contact with the sea water and the surrounding nature provides a pleasant feeling that can be much more intense than if it is done with some clothes on. It is a way of parked for a moment what some call “the repression of the fabric.” And that release produces several advantages.

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Source: Periodico

Original publication 09.08.2019

Posted on NatCorn 21st August 2019

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