The Ultimate Naturist Vacation Packing List: Things You Must Bring And What To Leave Behind

The Ultimate Naturist Vacation Packing List: Things You Must Bring And What To Leave Behind


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Okay, this might sound counterintuitive: You’re going on a nude vacation, but you need to remember to pack things. Hmm. Believe it or not, I have seen naturists arrive for a two-week vacation hoping to return home without tan lines struggling behind a couple of large suitcases. What were they carrying? Not clothes, surely? Well, in some cases — yes. Even on a naturist vacation (cutely termed a “nakation”), there are times when it’s just appropriate to cover up. But there are other key essentials not to forget, too.

The Bare Essentials For Any Naturist Vacation

No matter what type of nakation you’re going on, there are some things that should always be the first (and sometimes only) things you need to pack.

First and foremost take a high SPF sunscreen. There are parts of your body that haven’t seen much sun, and it’s not much fun to get burned in places where the sun doesn’t normally shine. You cannot take too much, so don’t scrimp on this one item.

Naturists always carry a towel with them — it’s Naturist Etiquette 101 to sit on a towel and not on your bare bum. It’s also useful to wrap around you in case you accidentally find yourself wandering into non-naturist (or “textile”) territory. It does happen. While upscale resorts may issue you a towel, it’s always best to have your own.

Naturists like to spend time outside in the sun, so a hat is the third must-bring item. For those of us who are follically challenged, a touch of sunscreen on the head doesn’t go amiss either.

It’s always a good idea to have some sort of wrap handy. Whilst a towel will do the job, it’s not always as practical as something lighter like a pareo or sarong, which can be worn around the waist or as a full-body covering for women. It’s worth the investment if you don’t already own one.

Yes, You’ll Need Clothes

Depending on your nakation destination, you may not need to bring any clothes at all. You simply leave wearing the clothes you arrived in and that’s it. However, this assumes your location will remain warm throughout your stay, and you do not plan to eat at an on-site restaurant (note that these typically have dress codes) or leave the naturist property during your vacation. The other things you need to pack depend on the type of nakation you’re going on.

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Original publication 19 December, 2020

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