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The trail less covered: International Hike Naked Day on the PCT

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To the delight of hikers around the across the globe – and to the surprise of others! – June 21st is Naked Hiking Day.

The summer solstice has been observed for centuries in a variety of ways. However, Naked Hiking Day is a relatively new event. Though – should you be brave enough to approach one – advocates of nude hiking will tell you that it’s been practised since the dawn of time.

The date which falls on the northern hemisphere’s longest day (one presumes for maximum tanning opportunity) is marked by hikers donning their boots, packs and not much else before heading to the hills.

While it’s fairly common in Europe and the United States, the event is thought to have its origins on the Pacific Crest Trail. Known as the PCT for short, the trail stretches 4270 kilometres from the Mexican Border to Canada and generally takes the best part of five months to complete.

As Outside magazine’s Ian Tuttle headed to a portion of the track in California, he observed the track was “swarming” with long distance hikers – walking as nature intended.

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Source: New Zealand Herald

Original publication 27 Jun, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 2nd July 2019

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