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The Story of Clothing Optional Home Network

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Running a Quality Clothing Optional B&B Network

When my wife and I started our first Clothing Optional B&B in 2011, we had no expectation of making it a larger business. We simply wanted to take advantage of having a large home with beautiful grounds that was now just shared by two of us since we were now empty-nesters. With our backgrounds and experience in the naturist world, customer service, hospitality and food & beverage…we knew we wanted to offer an “experience” for our guests and not just another bed and a breakfast. We were gratified and pleased with the response we received.

From the beginning, our guests were so complimentary and shared that they wanted more places where they could have a similar naturist experience. The concept of building a network of similar naturist bed and breakfast destinations with a low key, quality experience began to form. The dilemma was how to have more locations, but still have some influence on the guest experience. So, in formulating the plan we knew that screening & vetting of hosts, training, inspection and follow-up was the only way we could assure the level of quality at each location.

Lagoon Del Sol Phoenix, Arizona
Lagoon Del Sol Phoenix, Arizona

Certainly the “home-sharing” business model is big right now. However we also knew in that mass-market model there was NO screening, NO training, NO site inspection and NO follow-up on the guest experience other than guest reviews (which are sometimes less than reliable). We also felt that the large home sharing business model is the Wild, Wild West of the hospitality industry.

“We knew that given the nature of having people visit private homes and be nude there, we had to do more to make sure the guests and the hosts had a positive experience. We have always felt a real responsibility in providing that quality assurance.”

Although we were the first such network of Naturist Bed and Breakfasts in the world, since we started building the network there have been other sites pop up offering nudist B&B stays that have a similar model to the typical “home-sharing” model. No screening, no training, no site inspection and no follow-up. Some of those sites have built up to 200+ locations in less than a year, while we have stayed in the 8-10 location range.

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Original publication 30 October 2018

Posted on NatCorn 22nd October 2019

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