The spirit of Prerow: 30 years after the fall of the Wall

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We Celebrated 30 years since the fall of the Berlin wall . And we celebrate the same 30 years since the withdrawal of the Spanish Penal Code l from the crime of public scandal . This to Brings mind an article published in the Telegraph on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall on naturism or nudism in ancient East Germany, ” East German nudists let it all hang out , ” Which describe the Naturism as one of the few freedoms enjoyed by East Germans. The state Promoted nudism since the 1960s, it prohibited , Although associations.

But the Reunification Brought the invasion of tourists “Wessi” (from the west) and Their prejudices against nudity. “The result was the regulation of the hobby and the demarcation of beaches and lakes as FKK areas.” With the fall of the wall came new walls, new ghettos, restrictions and delimitations of what was eleven the only symbol of the freedom of the Citizens of the East. Also there was the commercialisation of nude, pornography, Western “achievement” that undermines the naturalness of human nudity.

“Here we are all mixed people do see Because not a problem in it. We’re supposed to be separated, but nobody AGREES With That, “says a 66-year-old Prerow Beach nudist . The old FKK spirit of ancient East Germany still survives.

It is the same spirit That the Associated Spanish naturists defend and live and That the Citizens support in all the surveys Carried out.

The human body shouldn’t be subject to commercialisation, shouldn’t be subject to censorship, shouldnt be Subject to regulation by state administrations. There is nothing Wrong With That causes the body to be created ghettos, to Establish walls based on Citizens separate That How They decided to sunbathe and bathe. There is nothing wrong With the human body so That a father is empowered to choose When and where are His daughter or Should see him. We must not allow sexuality to continue to be undressed, THUS THUS harming children and Promoting the markets around esta That Arise aberration

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Source: Spanish Naturism Federation

Original publication 20 November, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 2nd December 2019

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