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The Secret to Body Positivity Is That It Doesn’t Happen Overnight
So don’t be hard on yourself if you’re struggling with it.

Although Michelle Elman is a body positivity activist (follow her at @scarrednotscared), her journey to self-love didn’t come easy. In fact, in a recent Instagram post, Elman detailed just how challenging and slow the process of becoming body-positive can be. Still, she assured her followers that as far as she’s concerned, the hard work and time it takes is definitely worth it.

Michelle Elman
Michelle Elman Instagram

“The secret to body positivity—isn’t that what we all want to know?” Elman wrote in her post. “Isn’t this why you are here, on my page, reading my captions? You want to know what makes me so confident and why you can’t be the same?” Elman continued by revealing that there really is no fast pass that will take you straight to self-love land. Instead, body positivity is the culmination of a bunch of baby steps—baby steps that, in Elman’s case, she didn’t share publicly because she didn’t have an Instagram account at the time. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: Self

06 September, 2017, 5:20 pm

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