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The rules of going naked in public


EMMA James hates putting on clothes and tries to do nearly everything naked. She reveals the dos and don’ts of public nudity including this one really awkward thing.

If there’s one thing that Emma James really hates, it’s when she’s forced to put clothes on in order to leave the house.

A freeing hike.
Emma James A freeing hike. / Emma James

Because for her — and thousands of others around the globe — being naked in public is a freeing and natural experience and one that should be totally without shame.

In fact the devoted naturist from Buckinghamshire, UK, tries to do everything possible in the nude, from swimming to playing volleyball, modelling and even theatre performances.

The 53-year-old is so passionate about the benefits of her lifestyle that she started the website Socks Off in order to encourage other more reluctant people to take the plunge and get out and about while in the buff.

Here she tells news.com.au about the unspoken rules of being a naturist and reveals her most memorable moments so far.


“There are a few rules which are unofficial codes of conduct in the community. The primary one is the importance of a towel. From a hygiene point of view, naturists always sit on towels and wander around towel in hand, whether on beaches, clubs, abroad on holiday.

“Towels also provide a useful screen if a man does get an erection. It’s very rare in a naturist environment, it’s just not an environment people feel (excited) in. There’s a relaxed, comfortable feeling to being in a naturist environment or around other naturists.

“Another rule of thumb for most clubs seems to be the mandatory stipulation; no swimwear allowed. We consider swimwear unhygienic, quite apart from the fact it feels so unnatural and if you’re in a naturist environment and someone stoically keeps their clothes on they’re regarded with suspicion. Naturists will suspect them to have ill intent or to be a journalist/researcher so you’d feel out of place with clothes on.

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Source: news.com.au

Original publication 25 February, 2016

Posted on NatCorn 16th June 2021

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