The Rise of Nudity: Why You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Clothes

A waiting list of thousands for London’s new naked restaurant; naked visits to art galleries, museums and gardens; skinny dipping; organized nude runs and walks—many people have discovered the joys of wearing no clothes. And when the World Naked Bike Ride arrived in London and Brighton earlier in June there was a carnival atmosphere. Every year, many tens of thousands cycle naked, applauded by throngs of happy people in 20 UK cities and 100 around the world. Attitudes to our bodies have changed markedly over the last few decades and we are much more comfortable with nudity. Why do so many people enjoy baring all?

There is a wonderful freedom in being naked, to feel a light breeze on bare skin, the warmth of the sun, the gentle softness of summer rain. It is exhilarating to leave your clothes and your cares behind and to run along a beach, to swim in the sea, to walk in the countryside; or simply to dance, to sunbathe, to garden, to prepare a meal. Through nakedness we express our wonder and joy at being living, physical, organic beings, a part of nature existing in a mysterious and spiritual cosmos. Many gain greater self confidence and self esteem, improve their physical and mental health, and have deeper and more meaningful social interactions.

Cyclists prepare to take part in the annual London World Naked Bike Ride event in Piccadilly, London, 2016. Roger Coupe loves the event, and says nakedness is about freedom.

For many of us there is also the sense of coming home, of saying to the world “this is me.” Our bodies are where we live, our homes; they may be a little untidy, or in need of a lick of paint, but they are comfortable. We are increasingly surrounded by stories that treat the body as a problem, from growing obesity and fear of illness to the projection of an idealized body shape. Being naked together enables us to transcend all that and to value and enjoy our bodies for what they are. Read full original article…

Source: Newsweek

30 July, 2017, 8:45 pm

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