The pros and cons of growing up in a Naked House

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The pros and cons of growing up in a Naked House
Engaging in “naturalist activities” can make you happier, says science. Caroline O’Donoghue grew up in a Naked House and she’s damn proud of it

It’s the end of September. My boyfriend and I are walking down Derrynane Beach in County Kerry when two things occur to us: 1) that we are completely alone; 2) that we are not going to see the ocean again in 2016. I roll up my jeans, waddle in and shriek with the cold. A wave laps above the hem of my jeans and the denim tightens around my leg. My jumper gets a splash of water on it and I know its going to take ages to dry.

I look around; there are no dog walkers.


I run back out, take off all of my clothes, stash them behind a rock and race back into the sea. Within seconds, Gavin has done the same thing. We swim for 20 glorious minutes, then race around the beach, totally starkers, to dry off. A couple appear at the edge of the beach, a few years older than us and mortified to have stumbled across us, naked as babies and kicking sand at each other. I dive under his coat, and whisper, “Are they gone?!” frantically, until he assures me that, yes, they are. Cont…Read full original article…

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22 August, 2017, 5:20 pm

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