The Pitfalls of Being a Public Nudist

The Pitfalls of Being a Public Nudist – shared

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I can be fairly comfortable about being a somewhat public nudist. My wife doesn’t object. The laws in LA City/County aren’t particularly severe. I have legal and legitimate outlets outside the confines of a resort. There’s enough population base for there to be other nudie types to associate with and the people are a bit more tolerant. What generates outrage in a conservative area usually only sees amusement in the liberal big city. I have the wilderness to retreat to.

Is it ok for nudists to sell their nude pictures?

The most I risk is social rejection from people I hardly know. And I’m glad. I’m retired. My oldest child graduated college 3 years ago. Some would have to worry about employment or repercussions on their children.

Most importantly is that I’m not female. For a woman to be so honest about her body creates a risky situation. If I were female and doing this, I could be assured of innumerable crass sexual comments and the measurable risk of a stalker. The tiny but non-zero chance of a sociopath deciding to make me a target would never leave the back of my mind, so I’d double down on security and anonymity.

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Original publication 7 March, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 12th April 2020

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