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The pioneers, a walk through the naturism of Europe at the beginning of the 20th century
They were the pioneers, the first naturists of the Europe of the early twentieth century, with them began a process of development of nudism that has not stopped until today.

The revolt against Victorian dress took another turn in Germany where, in 1903, Richard Ungewitter wrote a book, Die Nacktheit , which supported a return to the attitudes of ancient Greece towards nudity for hygienic and moralistic reasons. In 1905, Paul Zimmerman opened the first social and family nudist complex, Freilichtpark (Park of free light). At the same time another German, Dr. Heinrich Pudor , wrote a book called Nacktcultur , which dealt with the benefits of nudism in coeducation and advocated the enjoyment of sport free of annoying clothes. Dr. Pudor called aristocratic nudity and slavery to clothing a plebeian characteristic, affirming that”All nations that completely disregard the right of their people to nudism quickly become decadent . ” The nudist movement (today international) expanded from these simple beliefs, in clear defiance of what had been a century-long mentality of rejection of the body.

They were times of changes where photography was also beginning to take its first steps, and where the camera was a direct witness of what was happening around it, thanks to this evolution of photography, today we can know and see how the nudity of Then, thanks to photography we have graphic testimonies of the time.

Beautiful and romantic images of our nudist ancestors taken between the years 1906-1942, curious images, some theatrical that seem more paintings than photographs, difficult images to take with the cameras of then, hence the “poses” that the photographed people keep in some of the photographs, images difficult to preserve given the chemical products that were used, hence some do not have the technical quality that would be desirable, but they are no less beautiful.

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Source: Info Nudism

Original publication 05/05/2019

Posted on NatCorn 7th May 2019

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