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The “Otherside” of the Body Shaming Culture

In the last 3 days we have posted two different female body types on our page. One of them, a young slim figure whilst the other is older with additional adipose tissue and some natural effects of ageing.

Let me begin by saying that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with either of these images. Both are healthy individuals with different body types. It’s that simple. The problem is people’s reactions to these photo’s. But their reaction may not be what you think it is. We were criticised for posting the young slim figure, and when the second photo was posted we were criticised by people saying, “It’s about time we see some real bodies on here”. Let me explain to you why this is such a problem in our culture.

Why is it, that only the bodies that are slightly aged, with a bit of extra body fat and stretch marks are termed “real bodies”? Why do we only acknowledge one end of the spectrum as “real”. Are those people with naturally very slim builds, or athletic bodies not real? Are they not at risk from suffering body image issues? Why are they always left out of the body image discussion. Why is it brave for someone who is overweight to own the skin they are in and get naked on a mountain top, yet someone who is of a young athletic build have people look at their photo and roll their eyes with the comments “It’s easy if you look like that”.

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Source: Get Naked Australia

Original publication 30 June 2019

Posted on NatCorn 4th July 2019

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