Protesters outside the Provincial Court of Almeria.

“The nudists put doors in the pool so we don’t go in with a swimsuit”

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Mobilization over the Natura World urbanization dispute and the risk of losing 100 houses

An open war between two communities of neighbors of the same urbanization of Vera Playa has faced for years the defenders of nudism and what they claim their right to be dressed as they wish in the common spaces.

Although the tension between the neighbors of ‘Natura World’ originated more than two years ago, these days the confrontation has experienced a new episode with the protests made by a significant number of ‘textiles’ at the gates of the Courts of Vera and the Provincial Court of Almeria. One of the reasons for the claims that took place last week is the judicial file of the lawsuits filed against the community of ‘nudist’ owners. In the lawsuits, the defenders of strolling through the common areas dressed as everyone wants, say they reflect the alleged discrimination they live at the doors of their homes.

Protesters outside the Provincial Court of Almeria.
The Voice

The president of the association of those affected by ‘Natura World’, Juan Pedro Peláez, explained days ago in the SER chain that the community of owners made up of nudist neighbors (and backed by justice after a judicial journey) even put Doors in the pool “so you can not enter with a swimsuit” getting to hire security guards, always according to the president of the platform. A confrontation in which he had to mediate until the Civil Guard.

This part of those affected (the majority, since according to textiles would be around 400 families compared to 80 nudists) also criticizes that these accusations are then “denied in the courts” and lament the filing of the lawsuits filed. “The judge says that the minutes – from the community of neighbors – are retouched but not too important. And it has all the importance, ”says Pelaez, who describes the situation by comparing it with a kidnapping. “We are more than 400 kidnapped families because they have changed us to door keys,” he denounces publicly. This other part of the community has placed its hopes now in achieving a judicial victory in higher instances, hence they have started again with the mobilization.

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Source: La Voz de Alermería

Original publication 15 October 2019

Posted on NatCorn 20th October 2019

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