The Whimple Wonders are raising money for charity again

The nude antics of a group of women from a quiet Devon village

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The nude antics of a group of women from a quiet Devon village

“People are really positive about what we do and say ‘go for it girls”

For the third year in a row, women living in a small Devon village have been getting up to their usual antics of shedding their clothes.

They have bared all in the snow and peoples’ homes, and now The Whimple Wonders have chosen a thankfully not overlooked village garden to pose for their latest charity Christmas cards and wrapping paper.

The Whimple Wonders have posed again
Sue Draycott Photography The Whimple Wonders have posed again

The first year The Whimple Wonders formed they did a Christmas Calendar. Last year, when the snow hit in March 2018, it inspired them to make Christmas cards instead.

This year’s photo shoot was far less chilly, but equally as memorable for the brave ladies who took part whose ages ranged from 23 to 73 years old.

Among them was 62-year-old Julia Green who has been involved since the start, and last year was joined by her goddaughter who was then aged 19.

She said: “It’s a solidarity thing and we’re like role models who can set an example.

“I am confident in my own skin and I think it gives out a huge message in this day and age with image issues, particularly for young people.

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Original publication 19 November, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 3rd December 2019

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