There has been a rise in naturism of late

The new rise of naturism: Why we’re better off in the buff


Lockdown has spawned a surprise rise in naturism as people return to the wild to cope with the stresses of the coronavirus pandemic.

While many of us swapped our stuffy work attire for loungewear while working from home during lockdown, it seems others were taking things a step further and stripping off entirely.

As well as the freedom not wearing clothes offers, advocates of naturism insist there’s a wealth of benefits for physical and mental health, particularly in recent times.

British Naturism says new membership applications doubled in the early part of lockdown and continued to grow well from there.

They report ending the year with more members than since 2014 and have had well over 1000 since the pandemic began.

Meanwhile a national survey by Ipsos-MORI in 2011 discovered that there are 3.7 million naturists in the UK – which suggests there are a heck of a lot of Brits enjoying everything from baking to burpees while totally in the buff.

And with it being World Naked Gardening Day on 1 May, it looks like millions of Brits could be taking the opportunity to get the essential gardening jobs done wearing thornproof gloves…and nothing else!

So why has the pandemic caused so many to shed their smalls?

Donna Price is the women’s co-ordinator at British Naturism and believes the rise can partly be attributed to the enforced lifestyle change of spending more time at home.

“As more people were working from home and the weather warmed up, so many of them were not dressing for the office, to the point that a lot of them were not dressing at all,” she explains.

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Source: Yahoo!News

Original publication 30 April, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 13th May 2021

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  1. Does anyone know why and/or Internaturally are no longer around? Both rival companies sold DVDs.

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