This naked rambler celebrated finishing the seven Munros of the South Shiel Ridge in style

The naked truth about getting your gear off in the hills


MOUNTAINEERS can often be accused of having naked ambition but there are those who take it all a bit too literally.

Back in 2007 a young couple from Bedfordshire caused a bit of a stir when it was reported they intended to climb all the Munros au natural. Stuart and Karla had been pictured nude on the summits of some of our highest hills.

Unfortunately, we never found out if they achieved their goal because a few months after the story broke they shut down their website and they have stayed quiet on the subject ever since.

It’s certainly not something I would be looking at (probably a poor choice of words), but it’s a shame that what should have been a private pastime had been quickly turned into a freak-pointing show.

Stuart and Karla’s climbs all took place in the months May to September. But last week photographer Dan Arkle went one better – or should that be bitter? – when he stripped off on the snow-covered Crib Goch ridge near Snowdon.

The 35-year-old from Sheffield had set off up the mountain in the dark fully dressed, using crampons and ice axe. And while most walkers would be content just to get to the summit to watch the sun rise, Dan got his gear off and his photo gear out for a shoot.

He said it was all to highlight how “weak and vulnerable humans are in such a place without modern technology and protective equipment.” Or, in short, for publicity.

I have only once encountered someone walking naked in the mountains and we will come to that in a minute. But they are out there. A few websites actively encourage walkers to get out in the flesh air.

A female friend once told me she often used to go skinny-dipping in high mountain lochans when she was out solo walking. She said there was no better feeling than immersing herself in the pure, cold water.

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Source: Moonwalker

Original publication Moonwalker, 30 January, 2014 (First published Daily Record, 16 January, 2014)

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