AuNaturelRunner has a big following on social media

The naked man walking around the Peak District with no clothes on


AuNaturelRunner has a big social media following

A man walking around the Peak District almost completely naked has been gaining attention on social media.

AuNaturelRunner, a self-proclaimed keen naturist, has been uploading pictures and videos of himself wandering in the Peak District with nothing to hide.

In his posts, he claims that regardless of the weather, he tends to spend long hours in nature all naked.

The number of snowy pictures indicates that he visited the Peaks during last week’s snow blitz, with one of his posts telling fans how he was and about when he got stuck in the middle of a blizzard wearing only a pair of boots and a hat.

One of his tweets said: “While out on a 15 mile walk in the Peak District yesterday I had 20 mins with just my hat and boots on!”

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Source: YorkshireLive

Original publication 15 February, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 26th February 2021

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