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The Naked in Nature Movement
There’s a new movement taking the hiking community by storm: the naked in nature movement. While yes, it’s partly about shedding your clothes and baring your bits, at its core it is all about promoting positive body image. And I’m all for it!

I was first introduced to this movement when a fellow hiker posted about the topless movement in Arizona. A group of women had started taking their tops off at certain hiking destinations in the state, and posing for photos with a bare back. This had me intrigued. Were these women simply looking for attention? Or was there another reason they were unveiling their breasts?

Turns out, the only attention they wanted was to shine light on body positivity. Instagram accounts like @getyourassintonature, @unlikelyhikers and @fatgirlshikeing are changing the way we see ourselves, our bodies and the way we look at others. They help remind us that our bodies are not just tools of pleasure or something to be gawked at. Our bodies are instruments to help us navigate the backcountry, climb mountains and carry 35lb packs on our backs. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Pink Hat Hiker

8th November 2017

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