The naked, healthy truth
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The naked, healthy truth

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There are three different kinds of people: those who like to be naked, those who don’t like to be naked, and those who wish they could enjoy being naked but can’t bring themselves to do it. I’m not going to advocate that one of these is better than the others but I will try to shed some light on why we all fit into one of these categories. Aside from which one I fall into, I will try to remain objective, with an understanding that it may be best that we remain in any one of these camps as we try to sympathize with each other.

Here is a picture of someone in the first camp: walks completely at ease, naked, from the shower to the locker in the locker room at the gym; carries on a friendly conversation with you as you both dry off, totally exposed; bathes frequently at the nude beach; enjoys being nude around other unclothed people doing everyday things.

The naked, healthy truth

A portrait of the someone in the second camp might look like this: is only completely nude alone, in the shower, the bathroom, a locked stall, or in the bedroom when having sex; is not completely comfortable, even at these times; is always clothed, perhaps taking clothing into the shower at the gym to get into before leaving the stall to go back to the locker.

Finally, a person in the third camp could be this person: likes being in the locker room among nude people; puts a towel around the waist with the gym clothes on, takes off the clothes from under the towel, showers, puts the towel on, then back at the locker, puts on underwear while the towel is on and takes off the towel; goes to the nude beach frequently, but wears a swimsuit.

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Source: Out in Jersey

Original publication 1 July, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 14th August 2020

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  1. I’m making a dealer call today in a remote area that an hour away from a reservoir with hiking trails which I have hiked nude and run nude through parts of the trails, Being Friday I just hope that not too many people are around.

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