The Lies of Sex Shaming


Why it needs to stop, and why Christians need to change their views

I grew up in the Christian church. I’ve talked about it several times. One of the things that really gets me, is how spiteful and hateful they can be. Take sex outside of marriage for example.

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash
Warren Wong on Unsplash

When it comes to trying to convince people that they shouldn’t be having sex outside of marriage. They lie faster than a car at the Daytona speedway. They say things like this tweet thread, that I came across on Twitter. I’m not embedding it because of the imagery that was used. So click the link with caution, because you are entering the NSFW zone.

They person had this to say about sex outside of marriage. “Sex demons are real‼️ If you knew how powerful sex is you wouldn’t be just having it with anyone.” They go on to say in the next several tweets in the thread.

“If your wondering why all of a sudden your mood is changing after you JUST had sex with your new partner this might be why. All of a sudden your a bitter/ depressed person who starts picking up habits that you didn’t have before the exchange. It honestly can go both ways . You can also start to be happy, and very joyful AT FIRST. It’s like a give and take thing. It’s always easy and fun at first . It’s easy to take your off clothes and have sex. But you should know by now that it is just not sex. YOUR OPENING UP YOUR SOUL TO SOMEONE, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, habits, fears. It’s exposed and you don’t even know it. Condoms may stop STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) but it doesn’t stop STD( spiritual transmitted demons)…”

It goes on like that for awhile. It’s all utter nonsense. None of it is even close to the truth. It’s just another sex negative diatribe trying to convince people that sex outside of the marital context is wrong

It’s trying to shame people because they have sex. There isn’t anything wrong with sex. Any kind of sex, that is consensual and legal is perfectly fine. Whether you’re into BDSM, Kink, or just happy vanilla sex. If you have it before you get married, after you get married or if you have a polyamorous relationship that has several partners. All of it is just perfectly ok. You aren’t going to be getting any spiritually transmitted demons.

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Original publication 7 January, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 9th April 2021

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