The Valencian nudist Alejandro Colomar

The judge files the case against a nudist in Valencia when not seeing “infraction”


He participated in a cycling rally and two local police officers denounced him for going without clothes

The investigating court No. 2 of Torrent has filed the case against Alejandro Colomar, 27 years old and from Aldaia, for traveling by bike and naked for “not being the facts constituting a criminal offense.” He had been reported by two local police officers who saw him without clothes on the street.

In the police report, to which La Vanguardia has had access , the agents denounce that they saw the defendant on July 2, 2020 in the Obispo Benlloch square in Torrent “naked” in a concentration of bicycles.

Nudist biking
Credit Uncertain Nudist biking

According to them, “on their own initiative” they went towards him. They asked him why he was “naked”, who told them that “it was his way of expressing himself and demonstrating, that he had been informed and that there was no law preventing him.”

Then they identified him and, because he was close to five minors, he asked the parents if he had “performed any lewd act” in their presence. They denied it and also refused, at the suggestion of the agents, to file a complaint against the young man.

Faced with the situation, the local policemen urged the nudist to “leave the place”, to which he refused.

They stopped him up to three times in a week and took him to Psychiatry

Alejandro Colomar explained last summer to this medium that he had always been naked at home “without problems” during the hot months: “I have always done nudism, but I had not gone out like that because I thought it was not legal.”

Before doing so, he inquired online “if it was legal” and discovered that, except in some specific cases – such as the city of Barcelona or some beaches – it is allowed because no law prohibits it. So he started to make his trips, especially by bike, completely naked through the metropolitan area of ​​Valencia.

He explained that he goes without clothes, he only moves around and does not interact with other elements: “I think that in summer going naked is more comfortable and cool. Obviously I would not, for hygiene, when entering a supermarket or sitting where others do. But going down the street like that doesn’t bother anyone physically, it can only bother some on the ideological side, but that’s not my problem ”.

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Source: La Vanguardia

Original publication 29 January, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 9th February 2021

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