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The Issue of Body Hair and Naturism

I once again find myself writing here, wondering at the same time, why do I do this? Why do I write a blog post, especially on a site that is really not one that has a significant readership? Why do I place photos of myself in these posts? Obviously, it can’t be mostly about being an exhibitionist, though there is a bit of that in every blog post written by most people regardless of whether they are naturists, nudists, or folk that find comfort and safety in their clothing. With an average of about 12 visitors each day over the past two weeks, it is also, obviously, not about feeding my fan base. Okay, I’ll admit that the past two weeks have been an anomaly when it comes to my visitor count – December has its other demands from us. But the point remains, writing here does not seem to be about “others.” I guess that means that whatever is prompting me to keep writing on the blog site is about “self” – me, moi.


This photo, for example, is one taken this morning for me. The unedited version was placed in my personal journal which I maintain with more effort than I do this blog site. The photo was taken because of my attempt to be transparent with myself. It serves as a record of my physical state while the words serve as a record of my psychological state of being. The journal can’t really be called a diary as it doesn’t record much of what happened in my world. Now, I assume that simply knowing that I keep such a journal, one would wonder what the purpose of using some of my journal photos in this blog site is all about.

I took this photo because I had just trimmed off most of my body hair, something I will do again in two weeks time before we fly off to Ecuador. The photo then becomes a record; that’s it, an objective record of my physical self for December 19th, 2019. After writing my journal entry, I wondered about this whole thing regarding body hair and naturism. I’m seventy years old and no one cares if I have body hair or not. In the world of social naturism, especially in the online version of that collective, body hair sparks a never-ending debate. It seems absurd when you thing about it, especially when the body hair on one’s head is rarely questioned.

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Source: A Canadian Naturist

Original publication 19 December, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 17th January 2020

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