Is this the start of true transparency in politics?

The hoax nudist party confusing voters in Newport


Their pamphlet calls for ‘wipeable bus seats’ and claims “naked men are 99 times less likely to be mugged”

Everybody knows that in order to make it in politics you need to have naked ambition.

But one group campaigning ahead of the upcoming Senedd election on Thursday (May 6) have taken that quality quite literally.

Dennis Smith Election Leaflet
@emmadotcom/Twitter Dennis promises a ‘nude revolution for Newport West’ (Image: @emmadotcom/Twitter)

Flyers for the Welsh Nude and Proud Party have been popping through the letter boxes of residents on the west side of Newport and they’ve proved to be quite an eye opener.

The pamphlets feature a naked man purporting to be called Dennis Smith – thankfully pictured from the waist up only – along with the slogans ‘Say ‘yes’ to no clothes’ and ‘Better together nude’.

“We believe in Newport and think it’s a wonderful place,” it reads, adding, “We want to celebrate it and make much need improvements.”

These include ‘electric buses fitted with wipe down seats as standard’, more ‘nude spaces’ in the city, cleaner air and a crack down on crime.

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Source: WalesOnline

Original publication 4 May, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 6th May 2021

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