Young nudists say social nudity is about freedom and self-acceptance rather than sex. Photos have been digitally censored.

The ‘generational clash’ between young and old nudists

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A “generational clash” between young and older nudists is fuelling growth in nude events, ranging from pop-up dinners in bars and art gallery tours to mini-golf and ten pin bowling.

Josh McNicol, the general manager Asia Pacific at Eventbrite, said the number of nude events on the platform had grown 265 per cent across Australia over four years. More than half of the nude events over the past five years have been in NSW.

“From naked yoga classes to nude nature walks, NSW is home to three times as many nude events than any other state, making it Australia’s kit-off capital,” Mr McNicol said.

A nude charity event at Cobblers Beach.
Edwina Pickles A nude charity event at Cobblers Beach.

It’s no surprise to Young Nudists of Australia co-founder Matt (last name withheld by request) because he organises many of the Sydney events. For him the lifestyle is about “freedom” and “acceptance”. “It’s just one of those things you’re curious about and you try and it’s for you,” he said.

Matt, 30, said the centre of the young nudist scene in Sydney was Cobblers Beach in Middle Harbour. He formed YNOA and organises events so young people can socialise away from the beach. He said they were not always welcome at naturist resorts “full of people the same age as my grandparents”.

“Young people, we drink alcohol, we listen to music, we stay up later than 9pm,” Matt said. “The older people feel that we are being disruptive to their enjoyment, their peace and quiet, so as a result, they generally close the door to us.”

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Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Original publication 24 November, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 10th December 2019

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