Naked in public places

The freedom to go naked in public places

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Naturists tend to be people who go. We love to spend our days without clothes, relaxed, enjoying life naked. But if there’s one thing we like to complain about, it’s that we’re always glued to designated areas. Like a fenced-in resort or a well-hidden nude beach that takes forever to reach, on an often dangerous journey through steep trails. Even in your own garden, for which you have paid a significant amount of money, you can only be naked when you do not risk surprising the neighbors.

As if we were little children. This is your playground and you stay there. Don’t you dare go play somewhere else! Those who cross the line and strip in places they’re not supposed to (including their own garden, which happens to have a couple of windows pointed at) are reported as exhibitionists. Well, some of them definitely are. But there are so many others, genuine naturists and nudists, who love to explore nature in its most natural way. What are your options?

The freedom to go naked in public places
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The rise of naked hiking

Being naked in nature is one of the main joys of naturism. It’s in the name: nature-ism. The elements are much better enjoyed when you are not stuck in artificial layers. Feel the sun on your naked body, a gust of wind passing, the grass between the fingers of the fingers of the fingers. Those were the first things we felt when we became naturists. Feelings non-naturists may never get to know (at least not in their post-toddler years).

A great way to get naked in nature is by taking a nude hike. Through forests and fields, dive into a river or waterfall. You have to admit, how impressive does that sound? Feel the elements without being disturbed by sweaty clothes. Some naturist resorts are in areas so desolate that they can offer excellent nude hiking options. The Olive Dell Ranch and Deanza Springs in California, for example, both have a magnificent piece of desert to hike. Or Yatan Rumi in Argentina where we find some of the most splendid natures in the world where clothing was not a requirement.

Naked hiking in public places
Credit Uncertain Naked hiking in public places

But those are few. While many resorts try to jump on the recent nude hiking hype, this often results in no more than a couple of kilometers (miles, if you will) of easy trails on the property. The kind you do before breakfast and you’re still not hungry when you get back.

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Original publication 14 September, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 24th September 2020

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