Frida Mom's ad shows the realities of breastfeeding.

The first advert to show new moms’ lactating breasts is set to air during the Golden Globes


A female hygiene brand has released a commercial that is thought to be the first to show new moms’ lactating breasts.

Frida Mom’s “Stream of Lactation” advert is part of its new #sprayitforward campaign, which aims to raise awareness around the reality of being a new mother.

“Whether starting or stopping, breastfeeding is an emotional and physical journey full of highs and lows that many new moms are unprepared for,” Frida Mom wrote alongside the video.

Frida Mom’s “Stream of Lactation” 

It continued: “We’re lifting the veil on the challenges new moms (and their breasts) face as they DIY their way through lactation woes — from massaging out clogged ducts with an electric toothbrush to slowing the flow with cabbage leaves. Enough is enough. It’s time to care for your breasts, not just your baby.”

A clip of the advert will be broadcast during the Golden Globes.
Credit Uncertain A clip of the advert will be broadcast during the Golden Globes. | Frida Mom

The advert shows mothers dealing with raw nipples, struggling to get their baby to latch, and worrying about being a “bad mom” for stopping breastfeeding.

It’s been launched alongside a line of products designed to improve the postpartum breast care experience for women, regardless of whether nursing, pumping, weaning, or not breastfeeding at all.

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Source: Insider

Original publication 25 February, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 18th March 2021

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