The end of nude beaches

The end of nude beaches?

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In Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the entire coast of the Mediterranean coast there are or were many beaches and coves where nudism has been practiced since the late seventies.

A practice that was spreading and for some it is part of a philosophy of living, for others a matter of simple common sense. In the same way that when you shower you do not do it with underwear, it does not make sense to bathe in the sea and sunbathe with an article of clothing.

In Catalonia and the Balearic Islands the practice of nudism became popular at a time when tourist pressure and the occupation of the beaches was less than in recent years. Nudism became normalized in many coves, often more secluded and part of many long beaches thanks to foreign tourists, especially Nordics and Germans, countries in which there is a common practice of collective nude bathing in saunas, lakes and rivers. And also thanks to many young people here considered hippies already followers of environmentalist, libertarian and less orthodox leftist ideas. On the Costa Brava it was established in more secluded coves or in sections further away from the long beach parking lots. And both in Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera it spread throughout the island. And fortunately nudism became popular among many people of all sectors and ideologies.

The end of nude beaches
The end of nude beaches?

Nudist beaches were no longer only the furthest from the urban area or those where you had to walk for a long time. Sometimes, very crowded beaches were nudists from a certain rock that made a separation that one and the other respected . And it was normal that many practitioners of nudism were accompanied by people who did not. I mean, it was okay if there was someone in a swimsuit with a group of nudists, often teenagers or some embarrassing relative. And in many municipalities the city councils signaled it, and even the municipal police could do a service from time to time to chase out the occasional onlooker.

On the nudist beaches there were also three events related to the great respect with which it is practiced. They are usually or were much quieter, even though they were very crowded. It is or was common to see very obese women naked who bathed and sunbathed without clothes, without feeling judged or criticized, with a respect that perhaps they would not feel if they went to the beach called textile in a bikini  . And there were also many naked homosexuals who could hug each other in the water or kiss while stretched out on the towel with the same normality that heterosexual couples did, without having to hear reproaches such as not kissing each other there because there were children.

But if the overcrowding and the boats were cornering and eliminating nudism in a large part of Menorca, the replacement in Formentera of German and Nordic tourism by Italian, expelled this practice in a couple of summers. I don’t want to say that there were no Italians who did nudism, but it was a type of tourist who usually went with the family or without looking for a herd to join when arriving at the hotel on the first day.

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Source: El Triangle

Original publication 28 August, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 9th September 2020

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