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The Divers Swim Naked In The Waters Of The Historical Mining Pools Of Cornwall (Brazil)

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Laura Evans, a wild swimming enthusiast, said today: “Swimming naked is one of those pleasures that money can’t buy.”

Many of the pools are relics of the Cornwall mining industry and have been forgotten or destroyed in the last 50 years.

Naked divers flock to the impressive and secret coastal mining pools of Cornwall, claiming that being naked at sea improves their health and brings them closer to nature.

She added: ‘With the tidal pools that offer privacy, it means you can undress and enjoy the water in a truly immersive way. When appropriate, it is the only way to choose to swim. ‘

Naked divers, many of whom prefer to be called ‘wild swimmers’, have been swimming in artificial wells for the past 50 years, but have been empty since the end of the Cornwall tin mining industry.

Many of them are on the coast and naturally fill with water, and their unique shape makes them perfect pools.

Swimming naked in Britain is not illegal unless it causes an ‘alarm or shame’ to witnesses or has a sexual motive.

In western Cornwall, there is a pool known as Pullandase in the Kenidjack Valley, once an important tin mining area where the remains of the industry are still visible today.

Although hard to reach, Pullandase is still popular with wild swimmers, including Miss. Evans, by St Ives.

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Source: Naturismo Peru / ANNLI (Naturism / National and International Nudism)

Original publication 19 December, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 18th January 2020

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