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The Conundrum: Eroticism, Feminism & Nudism

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Hey beautiful,

I woke this morning with thoughts and feelings about naturism, erotic expression and feminism flowing through my mind. I daresay I think about these topics more than the average person, but recently, the quiet lull in my brain has become an insatiable drum beating loudly without intermission leaving me no choice but to express…

When I originally launched Get Naked With Joy (my blog and all of the connected social media platforms) I didn’t understand what my intention was, it just felt right. I was doing the same thing I am now; expressing myself by tapping into my vulnerability in an effort to unearth and in fact unleash my strength. Getting naked and sharing my vulnerability with the world has not been without its challenges but I have no regrets. It has been deeply transformative.

The Conundrum: Eroticism, Feminism & Nudism

What started as a truly personal journey (taking naked self portraits daily) rapidly became very public. My blog seemed to strike a chord within the hearts and souls of people from all walks of life. People who were already on a similar path. People who were standing at the edge of a mental forest desperately searching for a path. A path that would liberate them from their:

fear. shame. body hatred.

People who wanted needed a path to slay their imagined ugliness. Complete strangers from around the world began reaching out to me. Sending me words of encouragement and support. But more importantly, many of them also shared their stories with me. They were searching for something within and through their search, they found me.

As I continued to share my personal path, my message became clear. Or so it seemed. But as I expressed my most naked self (emotionally, spiritually, and yes, physically) I once again began feeling societal constraints. I felt trapped in a certain persona. A persona shaped by my followers. A few of my Twitter posts have sparked such outrage that a handful of my female followers actually blocked me!

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Source: Naked Nomad

Original publication 1 May, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 4th June 2020

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