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The Clothing Optional Retirement Plan

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The naturist lifestyle is touted as a family friendly lifestyle, for young and old alike.

Commonly referred to as nudist colonies, naturist communities (the preferred locution) are growing in popularity as a retirement option. For obvious reasons they are more commonly found in warmer weather states although they can be found across the lower 48. Naturist resorts, recreation spots, and communities are more popular than one would expect and big business in the areas they inhabit. These clothing optional retirement options range from a basic gated community with high walls to keep lookie-loos at bay, to luxury developments with a plethora of world-class amenities. Don’t forget to bring your own towel to sit on!

Naturist a.k.a. Clothing Optional Communities

This seemingly cutting-edge, risqué retirement option has actually been popular for quite a long while both abroad and stateside. The reference to nudist colonies is considered a passee and pejorative term, the reigning argument being that colonies are for ants and not people. The preferred semantic has evolved to a naturist, textile free lifestyle or simply clothing optional communities. Regardless of what you call them, many communities call them big business. Naturist communities, and therefore naturist retirement communities (since they tend to be one in the same), can be found all over the US: North and South of the Mason Dixon Line, East and West of the Mississippi.

Clothing Optional Retirement

The Naturist Lifestyle

Nudity is not just for the young and perky! The naturist lifestyle is touted as a family friendly lifestyle, for young and old alike. If you have visions of a hedonistic enclave you’ve got it all wrong; overt public sexuality of any kind is typically discouraged and grounds for removal. Yes, there are couples only and seniors only communities, and plenty of specialty naturist resorts and events for singles, LGBT, etc. Yet, by and large, naturist communities are already a niche population so a retirement home for your naturist aging loved one will very likely be in a community with a wide spectrum of ages reminiscent of the suburbs, just with less tan lines.

The Extent of Naturism

Naturism has been around much longer than the baby boomer, bra burning, hippy generation. Yet, now that these flower children are reaching retirement age there is a distinct migration to the anti-materialist, back-to-nature movements of decades past. Many naturists enter (or reenter) their newfound lifestyle with considerable retirement funds. With real estate always a popular investment option, “clothing optional” resorts and communities are a niche yet steadily growing market.  Although naturism avoids the textile (i.e. clothing) lifestyle it is not immune from commercial development. There are approximately 300 naturist clubs and communities across the US with real estate being a prime factor in the naturism industry.  As a general rule of thumb, naturism tends to be geared towards the entire family young and old, with specialty naturist ventures being few and far in-between (LGBT, singles, etc.)

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Source: CarePathways

Posted on NatCorn 10th August 2020

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