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The beaches in Wales where naturists can cool off after lockdown


There are quite a few beaches in Wales where you can go commando

There are a couple of beaches in Wales that are often visited by nudists and naturists.

While some are quite well known, others are just for those “in the know” – and there are often a number of local rules and regulations in place.

Cefn Sidan beach in Carmarthenshire
Credit Uncertain Cefn Sidan beach in Carmarthenshire

According to the Crown Prosecution Service, naturists shouldn’t be prosecuted unless they are involved in an offence other than public nudity. It says a balance needs to be struck between the naturist’s right to freedom of expression and the right of the wider public to be protected from harassment, alarm and distress.

So for those wanting to fully embrace the steps closer to freedom as lockdown restrictions continue to ease, and erase the chance of pesky tan lines this summer, here’s a list of beaches that nudists are known to visit in Wales.

Morfa Dyffryn

Morfa Dyffryn beach is on the west coast of Wales between Barmouth and Harlech in Gwynedd.

The sandy beach is several miles long and is known for having an officially recognised naturist area, which is around 1km in length.

According to the About Travel website, the beach is popular with nudists from all over the world and visitors range from families and older couples to young singles.

What do the naturists think?

One person commented on the Naturist Guide website: “I have been several times. It is one of the best beaches that I have come across. The walk from where we camped took about 15 minutes. We went, in theory for the GB Skinny Dip, which was cancelled when we went, though by the time we got there the weather was good. The previous month it was even better. If it wasn’t for the lockdown, shielding and all that, we would have gone again this year.”

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Source: Wales Online

Original publication 13 April, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 2nd May 2021

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