Taking a dip at the Brighton nudist beach

The 5 best nudist beaches in the UK and the rules you must follow


Here are all the best nudist beaches to visit in the UK – and the rules you’ll need to follow

Cheeky Brits looking to let loose and enjoy a sunbathing session on the beach this summer could choose to plan a trip to one of the UK’s best naturist beaches as part of their summer holiday itinerary.

Luckily, travel experts from My Baggage explored 11,000 miles of British coastline to bring you a list of five of the most popular nudist beaches across the UK.

Most of the beaches featured are down south where it tends to be sunnier, giving you the best chance of topping up your tan, but there is also an option for anyone brave enough to bare all in the chilly Highlands.

So without further ado, here are the best nudist beaches in the UK.

1. Sillery Sands, Devon

The secluded beach of Sillery Sands lies just east of Lynmouth on the north Devon coast.

Though it might take a little extra effort to get there, it is well worth it for the stunning coastal views and peaceful atmosphere.

The designated nudist area is set at the far, north-eastern end of the beach, which has a mix of sand and shingle, with a sandy stretch during low tide.

2. Black Rock Naturist Beach, Brighton

Just five minutes away from the centre of Brighton, Black Rock Naturist Beach is one of the most accessible in the country.

The 200-yard stretch reserved for naturists is centrally located at the eastern end of the city, just a stone’s-throw from the marina.

There is also a small grassy area, perfect for providing some relief for the skin after a day of sunbathing on the pebbled beach.

There was much controversy when this spot first opened back in the 1980s, but it has since gone on to become one of the most popular naturist beaches in Britain.

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Source: KentLive

Original publication 10 June, 2021

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