That new friend you’ve been looking for might be a naturist


How many times have you wished you had a friend who shared an important interest of yours that might not be especially common? Perhaps you like to play chess at a somewhat more expert level than average. Or you’re a “master gardener”. Or you enjoy backcountry hiking and camping. You might know others with similar interests, even though they’re not as serious about the interest as you are. What can you do if you want to find a friend who actually shares your level of interest and experience?

Consider a more concrete example. Suppose you play one or more musical instruments – guitar, drums, piano, flute, or whatever. Moreover, even if you’re not at a “professional” level, you’re pretty good with your instrument of choice. Good enough, perhaps, to have played in an amateur band or musical ensemble. At present, you don’t have any friends with a similar level of skill. But you wish you could find one or more, in order to be able to play music together on a regular basis. What can you do?

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Here’s something to think about. Social research has found that the typical person has as many as 100 or 150 people they know by name and interact with at least occasionally. Some of those acquaintances you consider friends. Furthermore, your friends have friends of their own that you probably don’t even know. And the same goes for those “friends of friends”. So there may be hundreds of people who are no more than two or three steps away in what sociologists consider to be your “social network”. (This is an excellent book on the subject.)

Now think about what percentage of the population might be regarded as “naturists”. That is, people who have enjoyed at least some experience with social nudity. They may not be “active” naturists in the sense of people who regularly visit naturist resorts or clothing-optional beaches. But at least they’re comfortable socializing naked with others and might do so more often if it were convenient. Since naturism isn’t considered a “good” topic for scientific study, there are rather few reliable surveys giving a reasonable idea of how many naturists there are in the population. But the indications are the number could be at least 2 or 3% of the population in the U. S. and similar countries. (Probably more than that in western European countries.)

So there could easily be one or more naturists among your acquaintances, and it’s possible they’re even friends of yours. Even though you don’t know of their interest in naturism. But surely there are several people who are naturists among your “friends of friends”. And maybe even several dozen among “friends of friends of friends”.

The problem, of course, is how to find the naturists or potential naturists in that group of people, most of whom don’t know the others very well, if at all. The problem is made even more difficult because we’re talking about naturists. That’s a result of the unfortunate fact that naturists tend to be somewhat secretive about their interest in social nudity. You probably understand fairly well why that is. After all, how many people you know are aware of your interest in naturism? Since nonsexual social nudity is sort of a taboo topic in our society, we tend not to tell many others of our interest.

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Source: Naturistplace Blog

Original publication 29 August, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 29th March 2021

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