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Ten Things You Can Do to Promote Clothes-Freedom Environment


As the current news illustrates, public nudity on beaches, college campuses, ski slopes, and elsewhere has been the subject of quite a bit of activity recently, both pro and con. In some cases (e. g. Australia and Wisconsin), nudity has won explicit (or at least tacit) approval, while in others (e. g. Florida and Hawaii), some officials are still fighting against it.

Although the legitimacy of social nudity on private property was settled long ago (in most U. S. jurisdictions), opponents continue to devise new avenues of attack. And nudity in suitable public locations remains a subject of considerable controversy, as it has for over 30 years in North America.

Promote Clothes-Freedom Environment
Credit Uncertain Things You Can Do to Promote Clothes-Freedom Environment

Victories on behalf of clothes-freedom do not come about automatically. Secure, pleasant locations for the enjoyment of nudity don’t just “happen”. In almost all cases, the efforts of many people have been required. Though there are many different specific actions required in each case, there are also a number of general steps people who like to be naked can take to promote the way of being that they prefer. Here’s a short list. I won’t explain each item in detail – each could be the subject of an essay in itself. In most cases, the purpose and benefit should be obvious.

  1.    Join in any Naturist Society. (There’s strength in numbers.)
  2.    Contribute generously to the Naturist Action Committee.
  3.    Tell your friends and family you’re a naturist. Persuade those who have open minds to join you.
  4.    Write to your local paper whenever some naturism-related issue comes up in the news.
  5.    Write to government officials whenever some policy issue affecting naturists is being decided. (Such as the Honokohau Beach issue.)
  6.    Put up your own Web page about naturism. Tell the world what it means to you.
  7.    Get involved with local projects like a beach cleanup, efforts to discourage gawkers at the beach you like best, or activities to promote naturism in your community.
  8.    Network with other naturists over the Internet, using things like mailing lists, the Web, chat rooms, IRC channels.
  9.    Learn all you can about the history of nudism/naturism and the factors that affect it.
  10.   Work for responsible standards of personal behavior at any naturist beach, club, or event you visit.
  11.   Treat fellow naturists with the fullest respect any honest, responsible individual deserves.

OK, that’s more than 10. And more could be added. But it seems about right as a place to start.

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Source: Nudist Society

Original publication 28 January, 2013

Posted on NatCorn 11th August 2021

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