Struggles Of Being A Nudist

Take It Off: 7 Struggles Of Being A Nudist In A World Full Of Clothes


I grew up naked. In my earliest memories, I’m nude. I was just very out there with my dislike of clothes.

I didn’t want to be confined to the “fashionable” limits of smock dresses and linen rompers. I didn’t understand why it wasn’t OK to be naked all the time.

I can thank my ultra-liberal, hippie mother for my shameless adoration of nudity. When we were little, my mom and dad had us do this fabulous thing called “nudey dances.”

It’s in no way creepy, I swear — we were little babies. I was maybe three or four. We’d just run around and dance to Peter, Paul and Mary… all completely naked and free. My mother wanted us to embrace our bodies and never be ashamed.

She hated that society restricted children in such a fundamental way. When we were home, she let us be wild. It was amazing.

I would toss my clothes, piece by piece, to the ground, and then I’d I jubilantly prance around the house to the melody of “Puff the Magic Dragon.”

Being naked was beautiful. Being naked is beautiful. This truth will always be forever ingrained in my mind.

It’s a mentality that has followed me through life. Like Tommy from “Rugrats” said, “Nakey is NAKEY!”

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Source: elite daily

Original publication 11 August, 2015

Posted on NatCorn 3rd April 2021

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