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When it rains, clothes aren’t always the smartest thing

Rain. We all know it.

This is no exactly what happened to me a few days ago (unfortunately), but I made the best of the weather anyway.

Naked in the rain

It’s been hot and dry here for a long, long time. Finally, the rains have come. That’s good, because crops and lawns don’t do well on just sunshine. (If you know better, please explain how that works.)

The long, dry period however made that the water drains on the outside gallery of my apartment (I live on the fourth floor, which for Americans is the fifth floor) got clogged with tiny bits of leaves, dirt and other stuff. Which means that water falling from the sky can’t leave.

Now having the whole gallery (where the people walk to get to their front doors) flooded isn’t the greatest thing when the water decides to come inside for a visit. I am sure you can relate to that. No one else on this floor (four homes in total) had the bright idea to look at the drains when it started raining. And it rained hard.

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Original publication August 21, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 5th September 2019

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Nudists swelter in sizzling heatwave

Public nudists have come under fire in Germany as Europe sizzles in temperatures of up to 45C in the heatwave dubbed the “Sahara bubble”.

In Brandenburg, police posted two pictures of a man riding a moped naked and called for captions of the images.

“Because we’re speechless,” said police, adding the hashtags #heat, #safetyfirst and #livingontheedge.

As contributions and queries poured in over whether the man flouted any rules, police clarified that it was not illegal to go around nude in public, but only so long as no one files a complaint.

In Germany’s south, topless female sunbathers sparked a row after five fully clad security men walked over to tell them to put their bikini tops back on, Sueddeutsche daily reported.

Several other sunbathers nearby stood up for the women, and one told the newspaper: “We took off our bikinis out of solidarity.”

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Source: New Zealand Herald

Original publication 27 Jun, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 30th June 2019

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Couple quit high-flying jobs to set up naked resort in Mediterranean
A BRITISH couple have ditched their careers to set up a naturist resort in Greece.

While some Mediterranean destinations are seeing a dip in tourism due to the uncertainty of Brexit, that’s not the case for Mark and Sam Taylor.

The couple’s naked ambition shocked family and friends when they first launched their surprising venture over a decade ago.

Fortunately for the duo, their naturist resort has paid off and they have grown a loyal customer base over the years.

NATURISM: Sam and Taylor set up a naked resort in Greece
NATURISM: Sam and Taylor set up a naked resort in Greece MARK TAYLOR / BNPS

So far this year they have an unprecedented occupancy rate of 84% and are still taking bookings from Brits who prefer to go naked for their holidays.

Mark, 47, said: “We are aware that the tourism trade has been hit by Brexit but this is our busiest year ever.

“The vast majority of those customers are repeat bookings. We’ve had regulars that have come back every year since we started.”

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Source: Daily Star

Original publication 20th June 2019

Posted on NatCorn 24th June 2019

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The four seasons of naturism: winter

Fall is gone, Winter is here, our naturist life isn’t over. Naturism in winter! Really? Yes, you can! You can do it!

Being human is first to remember that the human remains an adaptable animal to the wilderness. In winter, it seems tough, but our body is designed for that! Feeling the cold on your skin is quite bearable. The body adjusts to the cold. Shivering is a normal reaction to cold that actually helps burning calories.

But why being naked in winter? It might seem paradoxical to get unclothed in winter. Let me give you three reasons for us, naturists:

  • To appreciate and feel the perfection of our body.
  • To continue promoting naturism.
  • Because we are naturists who simply enjoy being naked.

So how do we live a naturist winter and survive this cold season? Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked and Happy

Original publication February 11, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 16th February 2019

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Winter Nude

It is that time of year again and lets be honest, for many naturists winter is a difficult time of year. We don’t all live in sunny Florida or a Caribbean island so there are going to have to be some sacrifices. We have had to turn the heat on in our home, and the fireplace has been lit a few times already this autumn. Sadly no more trips to Port Burwell, or Hanlans Point until spring. Worst of all, my wonderful all over tan that reached a healthy glow over the summer thanks to frequent doses of natural vitamin D, has already started to fade. We are entering into the “dire straits” of naturism. I have blogged about the perils of being a northern nudie in winter before but rather than just repost those I thought I would have another look at what we do to get through the sub-zero season and look at options others might find useful, a sort of Winter Naturist Survival Guide if you will.


Staying home is likely the easiest and therefore best option for naturists in winter, even if it means a little less nature. We spend a fair majority of our time naked at home already so it makes a good place to start. One of the best decisions you can make is to invest in a smart thermostat. It was not something I considered previously, Tara has had

one for a year or two and now that I have moved in I don’t know how I lived without one. Even a basic model lets you control the current settings, or schedule changes right from an app on your phone. This means we turn the heat off almost completely during the day when we are at work, and it is scheduled to be nice and warm when we arrive home. Should you somehow mange to be going home early, you just make the change from your phone and in the time it takes to make the journey, I am always clothes free within minutes of arriving home. We also keep the temperature very low after we go to bed. A heavy blanket and each other more than does the job of keeping us comfortable while we sleep. We have the heat kick back up about an hour before our alarm goes off. It’s our hope that by turning the thermostat low during the times we don’t need it, it will recoup some of the added cost of keeping the house at a slightly warmer temperature when we are actually there and wanting to be as clothes free as possible. Ours is an Ecobee and we love it, it came with added remote sensors and connection to Alexa (Amazon) but there are plenty of options out there, and I have done no other research other than using the one we have, so I wont make any recommendations. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Nude in Canada

Original publication 7 November 2018

Posted on NatCorn 17th November 2018

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Tornado-like funnels captured over Cornwall as torrential rain and flash floods hit parts of the UK

A series of tornado-like funnels have been caught as they spiralled across Cornwall and other parts of the country yesterday.

Flash floods hit some parts of the UK as a month’s worth of rain fell in 12 hours.

A funnel cloud was captured over Saltash
A funnel cloud was captured over Saltash Matt Stansfield/ SWNS

And in south east Cornwall, a funnel cloud was captured over houses in Saltash. Last week a similar cloud was filmed over Fowey.

Weather experts declared the phenomenon was a funnel clouds, stressing it only becomes a tornado if it touches the ground. Read full original article…

Source: CornwallLive

10 August, 2017, 5:45 pm

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