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Naked in the natural world: Naturism and nudism in Newcastle and the Hunter

Most people don’t proudly proclaim themselves nudists or naturists, but plenty of people have had the occasional skinny dip or naked encounter. These mostly clothed folks, (people like me) are called “textiles” by the nudist community.

While it might not be a hobby that everyone openly admits to, nudists, naturists and skinny-dippers are everywhere. Naturist Stuart Whelan has met nudists from all professions and walks of life. He told me the story of how he and his wife Lucia once dined with a crown prosecutor, a solicitor and a corrective services officer. All were naked, gathered around the dinner table.

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Art In The Nude Report

On the 9th April, a mild Saturday evening, in Newcastle two hours north of Sydney, a group of people lined up outside the Newcastle Regional Art Gallery in preparation for a private tour of the gallery. The tour was organised by the ROSCO Nudist Club and made possible by the Australian Naturist Federation (ANF) with some…

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